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Over the last 35 years we’ve watched the struggles General Contractors went through in scheduling various sub-contractors that deal with wire and voltage. Getting all the Sub-contractors to participate and perform according to schedules, is a tuff task at best and a nightmare at it’s worse. Each trade is effected by one bad sub on the job. Schedule delay increase cost and take away from the bottom line, everyone on the project suffers losses. How can we limit this domino effect? We can limit this effect by providing additional services under our control, better communication between subs on the project, staying on top of the existing conditions and modifying the schedules to meet maximum production when others have delayed the progress. OneCore Electric is already installing wire, and making up various electrical items, so installing Fire Alarm Wire, Security Wire, Satellite Distribution Systems, Door Access, Music, and Communications/Data Structure Wiring is fundamentally no different. Not one of the other trades is more difficult to Master than Electricity and they are all masters.