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When OneCore Electric does any job we follow and execute all plans to the letter. We will work to correct any problems before they arise while working closely with our partners on the job site.

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The attention to detail is just as important here as it is in a single family home. The installation procedures change slightly to ensure a timely completion of the project which typically requires more planning.

Custom / Track Homes

Wiring custom/track homes is not just a job, it’s an art learned over time. Properly placed fixtures, quality installs, and attention to detail are all part of the skills it takes to ensure the best electrical installation possible.


OneCore Electric strives to provide the best possible service in all instances. We take pride in our work and we want our customers to share in that pride when we've finished the job. You can trust OneCore Electric for all your service needs.

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Our Approach

OneCore Electric’s approach to any job is very simple. We make sure we have the right plans, supplies/materials, technicians, schedules, and who the job site supervisor is. OneCore Electric’s approach to any project follows some very basic guidelines:

Electrical Contracting - Our Approach
  • Go over the designer’s packet with the foreman so that he knows what’s expected on each job site.
  • Make sure we have all materials, equipment, etc. necessary and on time to do each phase of the project.
  • Get the crews together, let them know what their jobs would be and do the work according to the designer’s packet.