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Do you want your equipment hooked up properly? Want those ugly cable lines hidden? Call OneCore Electric. We can take care of those unsightly, ugly and cluttered cables for you.


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Do you want to make your homeowners life easier? OnceCore Electric has your home automation needs in hand. Come and see what we can offer.

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Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is a very fast-changing industry, with new and emerging standards being implemented throughout the industry almost week-by-week. OneCore Electric takes these standards seriously and invests in regular training to ensure technicians and principles understand such things as: the integration of Open Systems Interconnection into a network: how to implement backwards compatibility of new technologies into an existing network: and the demand and supply of high-speed voice and video streaming technologies within an infrastructure.

OneCore Electric will consult, advise, plan, design and implement structured cabling using its deep experience and knowledge. The company can help a developer anticipate what the future needs might be within a commercial space, what the current standards are and how they may change in the future, and how to plan for upgrades, new technologies and changes that could easily render any existing cabling network obsolete. Training and education for OneCore Electric employees and staff ensure that knowledge and understanding of the new technologies in this fast moving industry are kept up-to-date.

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