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Home Connection Center and Port

Home Connection Center Wiring and Ports

THE CONNECTION CENTER: All cables and wires run between the Home Connection Center (typically located in a central closet, utility room or basement) and various connection points providing a clean, uncluttered look.

THE CABLES: High-quality, high-speed cables run from the Home Connection Center to connection ports around the home. Television travels over coaxial cable, while Cat 5e cable efficiently handles the transmissions for phones or high-speed internet.

THE PORTS: Ports, conveniently placed throughout your home, are the access points where you plug into your television, phone or internet providers. The entire system is fully scalable—you can configure it any way you like and easily add features. We offer five different options.


Gateway Port

Option 1: Gateway Port is used in a scenario where more than one A/V devise will be used, providing connectivity for A/V sources and distribution. Easy connectivity to outside service providers for television, internet and telephone all in one port.

Technology Port

Option 2: Technology Port provides all connections needed for any outside internet service provider, as well as connectivity through the rest of the house. This is a great fit for locations such as an office or a computer work station.

Media Port

Option 3: Media Port that is used is in a location with a stand-alone television, giving both a video and either a phone or data connection for outside service providers making connectivity for future services easy.

Single Video Port

Option 4: Single Video Port is a single coax for a stand-alone TV providing services such as off-air antenna or cable television.

Single Data Port

Option 5: Single Data/Phone Port is used to gain access to internet service providers by way of a home network. It can also be used as a phone configuration for up to four individual wired phone lines.